“With its proven durability, customizable designs, a variety of colours, and the ability to shape it to your specific needs, Evercor is the logical choice. It adds a touch of luxury to your boat’s interior and enhances its overall value. It’s the ultimate choice.

Over 20 years have passed, and when I look at photographs of my vessel, it looks just as pristine as it does today. I’m so pleased with my choice that I’m passing down my knowledge to my sons, who are now finding their own passion for fishing.”


“Owning a boat is one thing, but caring for it is another. If my boys were to build their own boats, I’d insist that they use Evercor on their flooring without a doubt. “


“With four decades of boating experience, including water skiing and fishing, I’ve been around boats for a long time. In 2001, I embarked on a project to build my first boat, an aluminium plate boat fitted with a 150 Honda motor, a walk-around hard-top cabin (hinged and removable), flush-mounted rod holders, auto-pilot capabilities, and unique seat boxes. One of the key decisions when building a boat is the choice of flooring. Back then, checker plate and carpet were the industry standards. Checker plate was slippery and posed a safety hazard, while carpet was prone to wear, odour retention, and maintenance issues. My goal was to find flooring that could withstand the demanding nature of fishing and deliver that high-end teak aesthetic. Few products on the market offered both the durability and appearance I wanted until I discovered Comcork – the precursor to Evercor. Initially, I had concerns about how fuel, oil, fish guts, and solvents might impact the cork composite finish. However, even after subjecting it to rigorous conditions, the product remained intact. I even dared to sand it, and to my amazement, it didn’t compromise the look or colour. Evercor proved to be the perfect match for the unpredictable outdoor lifestyle of fishing. It offered durability, resilience, and resistance to extreme temperatures. Additionally, the 6mm finish acted as a sound barrier during travel, which made for a quieter boating experience. Not only was it slip-resistant and comfortable underfoot, but it also made practical sense. Even after two decades, the exposed pod at the back, regularly exposed to saltwater, still looks fantastic. Occasionally, an oil stain may appear, but it’s easily removed with solvents. Despite the wear and tear from fishing equipment, boxes, and occasional spills, I took comfort in knowing that I could clean or sand the Evercor material without compromising its quality. Friends frequently comment on how remarkable the tan flooring looks and how comfortable it feels underfoot. I can confidently say that Evercor has the potential to elevate the appearance of your boat to new heights.”